Below you find available extensions / sub systems for our EB+ brake system.

For Auxiliary Port 1

Info Point
Shows status of the EB+ system even if the trailer is not powered

For Auxiliary Port 4/5

Soft Docking
Helps prevent damage while reversing, Obstacle detecion, acoustic and optical warning, automatic braking

External Stability Sensor

Lining Wear Indicator
Cable solution for connection of up to 6 standard lining wear sensors. EB+ monitors the wear status and triggers warnings via truck dash board, Info Point, Info Centre or general service warning lamp.

Electronic Height Sensor (EHS)
The benefits of EBS are also available for mechanical suspension vehicles.

Pressure Sensor

Switch Box inclusive AUX cable
Many AUX features support user control by a switching device. We offer button and rotary variants already preassembled for quick (GPI) installation.

For ISO 11898 CAN bus

TPMS - Tyre Pressure Monitoring system
The TPMS constantly measures the air pressure and temperature in the tires of trailers and transmits this data to the truck, EB+ Info Centre and Info Point.

EB+ Info Centre
The EB+ Info Centre is a side of trailer mounted diagnostic unit used for readout of odometer, diagnostic codes and other information as available in the EB+ Electronic Control Unit

EB+ Soft Docking
This is a system for detecting the presence of a dock (‘ramp’ or ‘loading bay’) within 2.5 m, warning the driver of the distance via flashing side marker lights and audio beeper at a rate dependent on distance and automatically applying the brakes to halt the vehicle (or reduce the impact speed) at 1m from the dock.